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Cut To Size Jobs

Simply fill out the form and send it to us and we will contact you a price and estimate time or alternately come in to the showroom

PDF Cutting list Order Form

Simply Fill out the PDF and Send over to us and we will give you a price and a eta on the job

Excel Cutting List Order Form

Simply Fill out the Excel Spreadsheet and Send over to us and we will give you a price and a eta on the job

Example of the Order Form


16WM - HMR Particleboard

16CM - MDF board

16MDF - Raw MDF

PVC1 - 1MM Edging

PVC2 - 2MM Edging

VENEER05 - Veneer 0.5MM

VENEER 1 - Veneer 1MM

We Do Not Deliver Cut to Size Orders

hardware room

Cut to Size Services



For cut to size jobs to small jobs like a few door/draw fronts. Simply come in or email us the sizes you require and the colour and we will give you a price and start cutting if you are happy with the price we give you.

 If your job is small for example 6 door fronts then we generally will have it done in four days. For larger jobs like cut to size jobs and larger quantity jobs we generally take up to a week.  This is just an estimate as we may need to order the board in. We always call you the day before to let you know your jobs going to be done.


If we have the edging to match the board you desire to get edged we can edge it for you. However if we don't and you still wished to go ahead with the edging service we can order the edging. We can now also offer Laser edging to give you  more seamless finish on the board edge.

Please Contact us to see if we have the edging you require. If you don't know what colour the board is you can bring it in and we will find a suitable match.


We cut on an router for a neat and accurate result.

We can cut:

  • "L" Shapes Pieces

  • "U" Shape Pieces

  • Circles

  • Shaker Doors

  • Frame for Glass Doors

Other Services

We can also help you with the following

  • Drawer Repair

  • Hinge Holes

  • And Hardware

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